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Tool Care

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How to get optimum results from your tools

Polycrystalline Diamond has a strong abrasive resistance, yet it can easily get damaged.

We supply protective boxes when you purchase a new tool. We advise that you keep this box, as it is an ideal area to place or store the tool when not in use.

The majority of the damage caused to tooling is when the tool is being removed or installed in the machine. Where possible, the cutting edge needs to be protected.

Check the area that the material being cut is on, and the material itself. If the PCD tooling comes into contact with a foreign object or machining table, this can cause irreparable damage.

When the tooling becomes blunt, send it to us for servicing. Using the tool when it is blunt will only cause more damage to the tool and be more expensive to have serviced.

If the tooling is creating excessive noise when machining, this is a sign that the tool needs sharpening. If the tooling is bluing in colour, it has become blunt and needs sharpening.

Please call 01430 449438 for the recommended method of cleaning your tools. Using incorrect fluids or abrasive cleaning can damage your PCD tooling beyond repair.

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