Lynden Tooling Services takes great pride in producing high-quality tooling. To enable us to constantly manufacture and service tooling of this standard, we ensure we have the latest machines and technology available to us. LTS endeavours to constantly invest in new machines to provide quality tooling at competitive pricing. The machines are controlled by CAD CAM as well as being manually controlled.

We have four high-tech Vollmer machines which perform spark erosion on all PCD tooling we produce. We have Vollmers that erode using either wire or disc electrodes. This gives the PCD tooling excellent precision and performance. This standard enables both the manufacture and servicing of PCD tooling to be of outstanding quality.

We have three five-axis milling machines and a CNC lathe which produce all Lynden Tooling’s PCD range. The machines are very versatile due to their sophisticated tool handling. They produce large quantities of our standard range of tooling as well as customer specification tooling of all shapes and sizes.

We have three electrical discharge wire cutting machines which are used to cut the PCD into the required shapes and sizes for the tooling.