Lynden Tooling Services specialises in the design, manufacture and service of high performance PCD tooling. With a rich history of providing superior products and services to the UK woodworking industry, we believe that our experience and expertise enables us to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Whether it's manufacturing our quality product or delivering our tool sharpening and tool repair service, Lynden Tooling Services provides a top notch service every time. We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service and professionalism, offering products of the highest quality with a fast turnaround and competitive price across the UK.

We can produce PCD tooling to your specification. If you can provide a sample or technical drawing, we can do the rest. Our range of woodworking tools includes full tip, spiral and 3-flute and 4-flute turbo routers, saw blades, hoggers, planer blocks, profiled tools and more.

As well as designing and manufacturing PCD tooling, we offer a speedy and cost-effective repair and sharpen service. Lynden Tooling Services also services tooling bought from other manufacturers.

Our tools are durable, long-lasting and suitable for re-sharpening and repair. This increase in tool life can reduce your tooling costs and keep your operations running for longer, with minimal downtime. The polycrystalline diamond tipped PCD tools are also stronger, which can lead to more efficient processes.

If you need an expert in bespoke PCD tooling to provide you with high performance tools, built to your specifications which suit your purpose, contact us and see how Lynden Tooling Services can help you today.